Two well-loved cuisines in one restaurant


    CHILDHOOD friends Ron Melvin Ramirez and Kurt Glenn Cortuna have teamed up to open Wrong Yakiniku, their new 177-square-meter restaurant in West Fairview, Quezon City whose bill of fare is comprised of 70 percent Japanese food and the rest is Korean.

    Before starting this venture, Ramirez and his friends used to hang out and eat at his almost five-year-old Japanese restaurant in Bulacan. They are also fond of eating at Korean restaurants every time they are in Quezon City.

    “We were both told by our wives that we haven’t done anything right, thus the business name. But kidding aside, we love to eat and decided to merge the two well-loved foods,” he explained, inviting curious foodies to discover if there is really something “wrong” in the restaurant.

    They decided to put up a restaurant which would bear two concepts: Japanese and Korean.

    Ramirez said the restaurant uses only salt and pepper to bring out the authentic flavor of the freshly cut and non-marinated meat, differentiating it from others.

    Filipinos have long loved Japanese food and many are also sampling Korean food as it is on-trend. The restaurant, which can be an ideal place to hold celebrations, serves four sets of meals with prices ranging from P299 to P599.

    Ramirez said the restaurant uses US beef and locally sourced pork as well as dried seaweeds, one of its secret ingredients. “We maintain the quality of our food by using only authentic Japanese and Korean ingredients,” he added.

    “Inside, we have a bar that serves beverages. We also offer shabu-shabu and ramen dishes, as well as buffet for those who want to eat more,” he said, noting that new offerings in the menu are being eyed for more options.

    Families, young professionals and students frequent the restaurant, which can accommodate up to 95 guests. The restaurateurs refresh their offerings every day and get to monitor and manage their restaurant conveniently as they live also in Fairview.

    Ramirez said once they perfect all the aspects including the delivery of service, “we will definitely branch out.”

    The owners also announced that the restaurant is open for franchise. Interested franchisees can either avail of the trade name and planning worth P2 million or the full package worth P8 million.