Tokyo Tokyo staff to receive COVID shots to ensure customers’ safety


    Japanese restaurant chain Tokyo Tokyo took another step toward ensuring the safety of its employees and customers by purchasing COVID-19 vaccines for both its in-store and work-from-home staff.

    “We want to reassure our customers on the safety of dining at Tokyo Tokyo by ensuring that all our employees are vaccinated which is provided for by the company free of charge,” Tokyo Tokyo Vice President for Operations Jennifer Ravela said.

    Tokyo Tokyo was one of the first restaurants that quickly reacted to the COVID situation and quarantine in early 2020. When its outlets were closed from March 15 to April 2020, the management took the opportunity to train the employees on how to stay safe and take care of themselves amid the pandemic. Additional measures were also put in place to ensure the safety of customers in-store in preparation for the reopening of the stores.

    During the time of strict community quarantine, Tokyo Tokyo was able to donate over 30,000 meals to frontliners in different hospitals and checkpoints nationwide in recognition of their hard work and bravery. “Our meals were just a small way of giving back and supporting their efforts. We were hoping that even just for a day, our delicious bento meals can give them a little more motivation to continue the good that they are doing,” Ravela shared.

    When Tokyo Tokyo reopened, it ensured that its team members were trained on COVID best practices and sanitation in-store so everyone that visits the branches is safe.

    The company mandated its staff to wear masks and face shields on and off duty. Physical distancing is being observed throughout the store, even in the kitchen. Proper hygiene is strictly implemented such as hand-washing and frequent sanitizing of highly used areas. It also ensured contactless payment solutions such as Gcash and Paymaya are available in stores to lessen the risk of transmission.

    In August 2020, Tokyo Tokyo launched its #STAYSAFE campaign, which featured the steps it took to ensure that every step their customers take — from ordering, paying, and enjoying their meal– is made safer.

    In November 2020, Tokyo Tokyo launched its online delivery website “” to allow more customers to safely enjoy their delicious Japanese Bento meals at home for only a fixed fee. Aside from delivery, customers can also order online and pick up their orders in the nearest branch. They can easily pay via credit card whether delivery or pick-up for a contactless experience.

    Tokyo Tokyo, the leading Japanese restaurant chain in the Philippines, is still open for franchising opportunities to expand its operations nationwide.