Tips to make your Metro shopping experience spectacular


    Known for its massive selection of goods from home needs to hobby materials to clothing and accessories, Metro Department Store has been the go-to for local and international offerings for decades.

    To help you maximize your Metro shopping experience, here are 5 awesome tips:

    Get creative! If you’re gifting somebody that has an interest or a passion about a new hobby, encourage them to try it out by visiting the large variety of affordable Metro hobby goods on sale.

    Presentation is a plus. While it’s the thought that ultimately counts, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your wrappers beautiful! Check out Metro’s extensive wrapping area or you can even ask one of the friendly Metro salespersons to help you out.

    Not quite sure what to give your monito/monita? Why not give them a bundle? Create your own box of treasures by choosing among Metro’s many knick-knacks. That way, they’ll be sure to find something they’ll love and enjoy.

    Buy in bulk. Take advantage of the 50% discount and buy those coveted goods while prices are halved! This is especially helpful if you’re looking to stock up on decor or even party giveaways!

    Bring the whole fambam! Make your Christmas preparations a family affair, that way everyone can help pitch in to complete the shopping list plus they may even be able to score an item or two for themselves!

    This Christmas, look no further than your nearest Metro Department Store to make this season another jolly holiday for all!

    Meanwhile, Beauty Fair is ongoing up to November 24, one of the biggest inter-departmental sales across Metro department stores and hypermarket. This year’s sale revolves around revealing your own beauty.