The right equipment for home-based food business


    THESE unprecedented times call for adaptation, whether in one’s personal and professional life or in financial affairs. Employees who are unable to work have opted to become entrepreneurs, selling food items lovingly made in their own homes. However, the usual home kitchen appliances might not be able to keep up with the demand of a busy pseudo-commercial kitchen.

    Technolux, the country’s largest importer and distributor of a complete line of foodservice and small wares for over four decades, hopes to address these needs as it offers versatile kitchen equipment for businesses, home cooks and just about anyone looking for an additional source of income during the pandemic.

    Baking and roasting have become the new crowd favorite, with people learning how to make breads and pastries during the lockdown. A home oven might work for the occasional bread, cookie, or roast chicken but when there are multiple orders that need to be cooked, a larger oven is needed. The Technolux Convotherm Combi Oven fits the bill, allowing users to roast up to 20 chickens in its compartment. The convection and steamer feature also allows the oven to handle more finnicky items such as sourdough breads.

    For those who prefer selling fried food such as fried chicken, crispy pata and lechon kawali, the Dean Gas Fryer is a good choice. It features as 21 liter oil capacity for heavy duty frying needs. A temperature control ensures that oil remains at the perfect frying temp, resulting in crisp items with a moist interior.

    The summer heat makes iced beverages and desserts a hit and with the Manitowoc Commercial Ice Machine, users can not only create enough ice to fulfill their needs, but enough volume to supply milk tea shops and other establishments. the machine is able to produce over 300 kilos of ice daily which can be sold for a cool profit.

    A crisis necessitates creative thinking and solutions.  Give your life and your earnings that extra push


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