The link between oral health and overall health


    This past month, the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed a resolution to reorient oral healthcare’s traditional approach to a preventative approach with risk identification for timely, comprehensive and inclusive care that ensures healthy living for broader populations. Philips has shared a similar viewpoint for years, and the resolution has now also been backed by various global organizations.

    “Philips is one of the only global health technology companies that’s uniquely positioned to deliver on holistic healthcare solutions across the entire continuum and fully committed to deliver on the quadruple aim,” said Ashwin Chari, country manager of Philips Philippines.

    “We are committed to fostering discussion on oral health, contributing to the understanding of the connections between oral health and overall health.”

    “The pandemic has increased people’s interest in their health and further empowered them to proactively seek out ways to improve it,” said Maite Uy, business development manager of Philips Personal Health. “Given the relationship between oral and overall health, maintaining good oral health not only ensures a healthy mouth, but plays an important role in prevention and control of chronic conditions, leading to a healthier life.”

    People today want to be more in control of their own health and are more attuned to getting the support and information they need online, from apps, and from connected products. Yet there are gaps in both their knowledge and daily commitment to good oral hygiene, and they need help along the way. Depending on lifestage, patient’s oral health concerns can evolve from plaque removal and aesthetics to larger concerns around gum health and disease.

    Prevention is key. Along with professional deep cleaning, good daily brushing and interdental cleaning are critical. It’s also important for patients to have regular conversations with their dentist about oral health issues and the linkage to their overall health.

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