The Journey


    WHEN you join God in His journey, the itinerary and mode of transport will be uncertain; the terrain, largely unpredictable.

    The landscapes and peoplescapes will probably astonish, frustrate, titillate, shock, disappoint, infuriate, dismay, delight, or frighten you — in good and bad ways.

    Definitely, you will ride through a whole gamut of emotions. And will have a chock-full of anecdotes to tell.

    Many times, the journey will stretch you and bring you to places you didn’t even know existed. At times you’ll be enthralled by your own brilliance and astounding capacity for kindness; take care not to be overly enthralled with yourself lest you end up looking like an absolute fool the next day.

    At times you’ll be humbled by how totally inept, vile, or shallow you are. (We can only hide so much from ourselves.) Never despair for God already knows the depths of your depravity, yet He chooses to love you still.

    If we are wise, one day we will finally realize that left to our own devices, we will all fail. Dismally. Those who don’t realize this will face the inevitable: an eternity of unfathomable loss and regret.

    So over the long haul, it’s a fine thing to know that the Person you’ve chosen to travel with has unassailable character and unparalleled abilities. You are SAFE with Him.

    He’s never broke so He won’t ever borrow money from you.

    He’s never late because He has perfect manners. Your time is important to Him.

    He never makes mistakes because He knows it all.

    He never breaks a promise because He’s loaded with integrity — and can be counted on to deliver.

    He never gets lost because The Map is in His head.

    He never nags because it’s beneath Him to do that.

    He’ll never leave you high and dry because His cup always runneth over.

    He won’t mock you if you’ve failed because He doesn’t kick people when they’re down.

    He won’t laugh at your stupid mistakes because He doesn’t have a warped sense of humor.

    He’ll never blame you if you make wrong decisions — but He won’t bail you out either. (Lessons are best learned if they come with consequences.)

    He won’t flake out on you even when you’re acting like an idiot — mainly because He is patient and long-suffering.

    He’ll never cheat you or exploit you because He’s perfectly fair and all-just.

    You’ll never go hungry because, well, He’s never broke (haha)!

    He’ll never be stingy with you if you’re not stingy to others.

    If you get sick or go weird on Him, He’ll take care of you, not ditch you.

    When you fail, He won’t be ashamed of you or disown you.

    When you’re selfish and try to get Him to follow your itinerary, He puts you right back on track: the gentle way or the hard way. You choose. (Remember: the harder the nut to crack, the bigger the hammer.)

    He’s unchanging, unfathomably wise, unbelievably compassionate, totally dependable and trustworthy, astonishingly kind in the worst of circumstances — and can be counted on to occasionally do the impossible when He thinks it’s the best solution available.

    And at the end of The Journey, when you’ve reached your final destination, it won’t matter if you were a genius at math, a Nobel prize winner, a Pulitzer Prize awardee, a summa cum laude, a rock star, a metahuman, a taipan, an MVP, a venerated icon in philosophy, art, literature, science or technology.

    Or an epic failure at all of the above. That will all be irrelevant.

    What WILL matter, though, is if you’ve chosen Him to be your True North. Your Savior. Your Lord.

    At the end of it all, when this world evaporates into nothingness and reverts to being a large bowl of Cosmic Soup, ONLY THIS will matter: that in your lifetime on Earth, you had enough sense to ask Jesus Christ to be your Savior and Lord.

    Any other decision we’ve made, any other feat we’ve accomplished, will absolutely pale in comparison.


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