The importance of play amid the pandemic

    The playing familia

    In the face of global pandemic and natural disasters, our daily lives have been put to a standstill and many children have lost access to play. Because of this, a huge part of children’s activity, creativity and learning have come to a pause affecting their holistic development and overall wellbeing.

    Supporting the promotion on the right to play, the Philippine Play Coalition (PPC), a network of organizations which Unilab Foundation, Council for the Welfare of Children,

    World Vision Philippines, Unang Hakbang Foundation, Kythe Foundation, Tukod Foundation and Educo Philippines are actively involved in, has been working to ensure that every child will not miss their experience of play even amidst the time of pandemic.

    Miss U PH Rabiya Mateo

    This 2021, Unilab Foundation is continuously strengthening its play advocacy under its program, Bayanihan for WellBeing (BWB), through the distribution of Resiliency Play Bags.

    These play bags aim to spark hope, harness creativity, and develop resilience and coping skills among Filipino children, who were not only strained by the presence of the coronavirus outbreak, but were also victims of the recent calamities that struck our nation in the previous year.

    A Bayanihan for WellBeing Resiliency Play Bag is composed of: (1) Toys like sipa and kickball, which are intended to help children release tension; (2) Cape and mask which they could design, allowing them to identify their strengths and make them feel like Superheroes; and (3) Writing and coloring sheets to encourage their creativity and help them express their emotions.

    As little as Php250 / $5.00 will help warm the heart of a child and build his/her resilience. Donations can be done via bank deposit to Unilab Foundation, Inc. at BPI Account number 0181-0489-72 (Swift code: BOPIPHM).

    You may also donate via PayPal at and send a screenshot of your transaction to