The Dalmore unveils 60-year-old single malt whisky

    The Dalmore unveils rare 60 Year Old Single Malt Whisky
    The Dalmore unveils rare 60 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

    In celebration of 180 years dedicated to creating masterpiece whiskies, The Dalmore today unveiled a rare, limited edition 60-year-old single malt whisky. The Dalmore 60 Year Old reflects the enduring legacy of the distillery, its pioneering spirit and restless pursuit of the perfect whisky.

    The Dalmore 60 Year Old has been created from two twin casks – the last casks of the great Mackenzie era – which have been lying in repose side by side in the Scottish Highlands. The rare whisky represents the entrepreneurial spirit of the unbroken chain of visionary whisky makers at The Dalmore, from the Mackenzies to today. This extraordinary Single Malt Whisky is limited to just three decanters in honor of The Dalmore’s 180th anniversary.

    For three generations, the distillery was led by the Mackenzie Clan, who were at the forefront of the whisky making craft. Under their stewardship, The Dalmore established longstanding, deep-rooted alliances with suppliers to source exquisite casks, which today remain an integral part of the quality and depth of The Dalmore’s character.

    The Dalmore is now led by Master Distiller Richard Paterson, who has been the creative force behind the brand since 1970. Paterson helped to strengthen The Dalmore’s reputation for curating and reuniting exceptional casks

    In honour of this rich history, Paterson created The Dalmore 60 Year Old by reuniting two extremely rare ex-sherry casks from six decades ago. These two ex-sherry casks have been slowly maturing and building layers of depth and complexity, with the whisky in each cask evolving in an entirely different direction for sixty years.

    “Over the course of the past 180 years, The Dalmore has constantly strived for perfection, setting the standards for many other whisky makers today. The Dalmore 60 Year Old is a fitting tribute to the masterful talents of our distillers past and present, who have all helped to create an incredible body of work. The reunion of the two spirits has produced an unforgettable whisky that is truly greater than the sum of its parts,” Richard Paterson noted.