The best tumbong soup in Pasay City


    IF you think tumbong soup is a monopoly of Manila, as popularized by Mayor Isko Moreno who grew up with this anytime hot broth in his native Tondo which he still frequents today, think again.

    For residents of Makati, Malate, and the Bay Area, this popular hot broth is the best seller at Kuys N Pals, the roofdeck bar and grill of Terence Residences on M. Santos St. near the corner of F. B. Harrison in Pasay City.

    For the uninitiated, tumbong soup, a broth made with cow’s or pig’s large intestines, is one of Tondo’s iconic dishes. The pig or cow’s large intestines or rectum are cleaned inside out, boiled with salt for hours to rid of its unwanted odor and garnished with garlic and onion leeks, best paired with sinangag or fried rice.

    At Kuys N Pals, owners Michael “Kuys” Ramones and his wife Tere and their friend and business partner Jeng Masangcay Ringor, took one step further to make their tumbong soup one of a kind, pairing it with lugaw and pares. Tere and Jeng, who are both in the travel business and quite adventurous with the food they eat in places they’ve been to, have come up with the mouth-watering menu of the place (with very catchy, if not naughty, titles!) that is complimented by an amazing sunset sky for late afternoon to early evening habitues.

    Their versatile menu is also perfect for lunch or dinner, adhering to its tagline “kutkutin na, ulam pa!”

    Ready for their menu? Here goes: TTbok tibok (tumbong tumbong overload), TL Ako Sa ‘Yo (tumbong lugaw), Anal ng Tupa (tumbong pares), Pak na Pak Pakpak (chicken wings in a secret home-made marinade), Kuts ni Kuys (pulutan platter of pork sisig, liempo, chicharon bulaklak, tokwa’t baboy, pork sisig and canton or bihon guisado), Balls Balls (kwek kwek, beef balls, octoballs and fishballs), and other sides; grilled boneless bangus, lechon kawali, your favorite chill drinks for those hanging out with friends, including their own version of mango beer.

    Kuys N Pals had a soft opening last November and quickly became the in place in this part of the Metro.

    They also accept orders for deliveries via foodpanda within the Metro, and accept reservations for intimate gatherings (the roofdeck accommodates 30). For inquiries or orders, go to Kuys N Pals FB Page.