Taste to believe


    The revolutionary plant-based Whopper, one of the most talked about product launches of the Burger King brand in recent history, is making its way to the Philippines. After making its debut in the US market last 2019, the first Burger King entry in the plant-based segment became such a hit that other markets eventually adopted it too. The plant-based patty was made through the partnership with Australia’s #1 plant-based company V2Food.

    With V2Foods successfully identifying the flavor precursors of meat and deriving it from plant-based sources, you can expect it to look, cook and taste like Burger King’s signature Whopper Patty.

    “What we are offering our customers is an option. Filipinos are such huge meat-eaters, and the insight for this local roll-out is to provide them with an affordable alternative to reduce meat intake with an equally satisfying product,” says Allan Tan, Marketing Director for Burger King Philippines. “We’ve seen more developed markets making the shift earlier on, and locally, we see the Plant-Based Whopper as a game-changer, a revolutionary product. We wanted to be at the forefront of that shift here.”

    Burger lovers and healthy eaters alike can enjoy the Burger King Plant-Based Whopper starting November 16 in all Burger King Metro Manila branches, coming soon nationwide.