Taking the Montessori Method online

    With the current situation resulting in a necessary shift to digital learning, it’s only normal that parents be concerned about how to educate their children away from the actual schools. While learning using the internet and other online resources may be innovative, the quality of learning children receive through these methods is also an important thing to consider.
    These challenges in the online learning era are why Macquarie Preparatory School is bringing its Montessori Method to preschoolers at home, with all-year-round enrollment open to students across the Philippines in the 2020-2021 school year.
    Macquarie, an accredited Member of Montessori Australia, is a preschool that teaches its students the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic using the highly-touted Montessori Method. Through the Montessori Method, students learn lessons through the use of Montessori materials designed to teach concepts.
    During the current pandemic, these Montessori materials can be sent to their homes or picked up at the campus—with nationwide delivery available. Class sizes are capped at four students per class to best maximize the potential for learning in each session.


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