Taking action toward any goal


    ALTHOUGH the pandemic remains Filipinos should not let it stop them from going after their dreams and taking active steps to achieve them.

    Gilbert Simpao, Sun Life chief marketing and client experience officer, said the pandemic has taught us not to take things for granted, to spark optimism and enable action on controllable things.

    Sun Life Philippines is introducing “Ito Ang Araw Mo,” a new campaign that inspires everyone, particularly millennials, to set their own rules, finally live free, take on the world, add colors to their lives, turn work into play, start the next big thing, or commit to a lifetime partner.

    The said campaign takes inspiration from the pursuits of millennials who are keen on building their career, growing their wealth, and finding self-enrichment amid the pandemic.

    “The times we are in may have pushed them to put their goals on hold,” Simpao added, but it also brought out their creativity, resourcefulness, and undeniable spirit.

    He noted that they are well equipped to fulfill all their dreams, even as they navigate their way in a new environment.

    In 2019, 39 percent of new Sun Life clients were aged 20 to 30 of which 28 percent were served by advisors of the same age range.

    Millennials used to put premium on experiences, but their priorities have shifted due to the ongoing pandemic. Now more than ever, this generation is determined to reach their goals.

    The insurance company wants to encourage people to go ahead and live their lives, and the financial company can help them achieve their goals.

    “There is no better day to take charge of their future than today,” he said, “because this is their time to shine.”

    When they join the “Ito Ang Araw Mo” community, members will get weekly challenges, mini mentorship programs, exclusive promos, as well as community sharing and support.

    The insurance company will also hold an interactive workshop titled “Build Bright Habits to Reach Your Goals” on March 20 at 10 a.m. to inspire and enable millennials with specific actionable to-dos.

    The workshop will feature international author, speaker, and life coach Dr. Christine Carter and AHA! Behavioral Design managing director TJ Agulto.