Stepping up to the plate in the battle against COVID-19


    THE perennial problem of access to test kits, delayed COVID-19 results and lack of protective gears hinders the fast and immediate action of medical frontliners. With the limited supplies and equipment to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the number of infected patients painstakingly increases daily while the number of recoveries shows slow progress.

    Global Medical Technologies (GMT) Manila is at the forefront of this effort with the vision towards bringing maximum global best practices in health and wellness to the Philippines and making them more accessible to Filipinos.

    Since GMT has a vast experience in responding to pandemics as their organization pioneered a lot of efforts in response to outbreaks and epidemics such as rabies, Anthrax, Avian Influenza, and African Swine Fever, the organization adjusted quickly to the new normal and maneuvered well-thought ways to help the government and other health providers

    During the heat of the COVID-19 news, GMT Manila was heavily engaged in the development of products and services in response to this pandemic. Real Time – Polymerase Chain Reaction Tests, a standard confirmatory test to detect COVID-19 infection was already in place including Rapid Antibody Test to help speed the detection of those individuals that may carry the disease.

    Additionally, GMT Manila and construction design firm ENDEC, Inc. produce more COVID-19 testing laboratories. The modular design in place can easily be deployed to the private sectors and LGUs on their own capacity to conduct confirmatory PCR testing according to Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) standards.

    The initiative aims to provide Container Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) Laboratories, including BSL2 training and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) detection training for Licensed Medical Technicians- all patterned after existing program delivered through the Regional Animal Disease and Diagnostics Labs of the Department of Agriculture.

    The company has also started branching out to help the private sector in their fight against COVID-19. Upon learning the risks of the coronavirus, GMT Manila started talking to suppliers and international partners to make these products and services available and to increase the total number of clinics, hospitals and other facilities that can get their hands on these kits and equipment.  Constant review of technical and government guidelines including medical requirement, machine quality assurance and sample kits for trial were all taken into consideration for smooth and optimal service delivery of all initiatives.

    For the test kits, bulk orders from donations will also be prioritized for immediate use by health professionals. Private sectors and those who have the means to donate can send GMT Manila a message regarding donations. Donors can also choose their beneficiaries. Likewise, GMT Manila has a list of partner hospitals and clinics to make sure that donations will be directly coordinated with them.

    The availability of test kits is being extensively sourced out by GMT Manila while obtaining personal protective equipment (PPE) is now under the works and will soon be available.

    Now more than ever, hospitals and medical professionals urge the social service sector to help them in this battle. The outpouring support from around the world- be it from celebrities or ordinary citizens proves how we can all make a difference in this unprecedented challenge to win over this pandemic.