Staying healthy this Christmas


    As Christmas Day comes closer, the feasting is expected to reach a feverish pace. We often find ourselves attending party after party so it is no surprise that we overeat.

    Since it is almost always difficult to avoid feasting during the Christmas season, adopting healthy habits will go a long way in helping you stay healthy amidst the parties and festivities.

    Choose only a few items you really want to try. Maybe just the food items you don’t get to eat often just to satisfy that craving. Then stay away from the rest. This way, you avoid overeating which could lead to indigestion, bloating and excessive gas.

    Steer clear of the dessert table. What we eat almost always gets converted to sugars, particularly carbohydrates so skipping dessert can also spare you from eating too much sugars. Instead of pastries and cakes, go for the fruit platter instead. It’s healthier and fiber rich at the same time.

    Say no to soda. If you feel the urge to open a can of soda while enjoying a plate of spaghetti, try unsweetened and freshly squeezed lemonade instead.

    The Christmas table is never complete without dishes made with meat and high game.

    While meats per se is not bad, too much meats in your diet can pose short and long term health issues. Too much meat has been linked to dehydration and constipation.

    Go for the salad bar and fruit plate instead. Try taking more fresh vegetables and fruits when attending parties. Also, finishing off the meal with a fruit platter will give you the sweet rush without the unwanted calories of refined sugar. What’s more, it has fiber that good for you. And to make sure that you get the most from vegetables and fruits, eat only the freshest and greenest.

    There is also the tendency of having tons of leftovers. During the holidays, managing your leftovers will not be an issue if you have the right appliance to help you store and keep them fresh for longer.

    For instance, Beko’s RDNT440E50VZP top mount no frost is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, such as the EverFresh+ that delivers a precise humidity control that minimizes condensation in the crisper, helping you keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for even up to 30 days.

    It is also equipped with Active Fresh Blue Light technology that allows continuous photosynthesis in the crisper, retaining natural flavors of fruits and vegetables, as well as its nutrients such as vitamin C.