Staying cool, comfortable while at home


    HIGH BREED has chosen to rise to the challenge amid the ongoing public health crisis by introducing easy, relaxed tees and hoodies geared toward customers who still choose to be cool even when they are at home.

    Owner Ian Pantig wanted to show Filipinos it is possible to launch a new business despite a global pandemic. He said a crisis can never put down their spirits as they are fighters who never give up on their dreams easily.

    “It is about accepting what is unique in you, in other people, and with the world,” Pantig said of the brand. The fact that a local brand can produce something as good as other international brands, he said, is something that sets High Breed apart.

    “It is what every Filipino brand should set out to be.” He also said the Filipino-owned brand provides investment-worthy, quality pieces which represent the Pinoy spirit. High Breed’s merchandise is produced by a Pampanga-based factory and is designed and owned by a Filipino and specially made for the Filipinos.

    It ensures that every piece will be appealing and has a Pinoy touch. “Timothy Magat is the designer while Ghel David is the printer,” he said, adding that the team gets their inspiration from the people around them, the city they live in, as well as the local culture.

    The lifestyle clothing brand, which was launched last September, has a new campaign set to be rolled out soon and eyes to unveil a new streetwear that fits the vibe of the Filipinos, Pantig noted.