Staying at home with a dose of happy feels


    The holidays are fast approaching, and writing down Christmas lists may induce warm and fuzzy feelings. Listing down presents to send out to your loved ones can give you something to look forward to. Revisit old wish lists and browse for new items to add; saving up for a budget now will help in managing the Christmas shopping by December.

    Listening to music is another good way to relax and enjoy the day. Music can be a source of inspiration and creativity. For some, streaming their favorite songs can help them be more productive in accomplishing daily tasks.

    Put together a playlist dedicated to go with your different daily activities; maybe even mix it up by listening to some holiday playlists to help get into the Christmas mood. Use this time to discover new artists and podcasts. Spend the free afternoons jamming to good music with a bottle of C2 Milk Tea.

    If you’re working from home, it’s important to create boundaries between work and personal life. Allow uninterrupted time for meals and enjoy your time with loved ones after your working hours. You can also get a dose of happy feels by doing fun activities at home with your family

    Whether you are taking a break from online class or simply satisfying a craving, you can stock up the pantry with go-to treats that you can easily grab. The key to a relaxing day is to slow down, get comfortable and do the things that make you happy.