Spruce up the home with ornamental plants


    By Kevin Bryan Caraig

    INDOOR plant gardening is now the norm in metro living. And as homeowners adopt a liking for ornamental and herbal plants as decorative knick knacks, green hubs and plant retailers have sprung up in many corners of communities to cater to the artistic and creative needs of plant growers.

    Growing ornamental plants indoors does not only make homes beautiful. There are more to these exquisite greens.

    These blooms produce sweet and refreshing scents that make homes smell like a garden filled with blossoming flowers, leaving sugary aromas that comforts and relaxes the mind and soul.

    Ornamentals are likewise Mother Nature’s miniature partners like those beautiful-textured grasses that help prevent soil erosion and flowers for pollinating bees and birds.

    Commonly, ornamental plants are grown and displayed for their aesthetic features. The various colors of different sub-species of ornamental plants tickle the pallet and encourage positivity.

    Ornamental plants likewise promote positive behavior and lessen stress and remove anxiety.

    BM-JOV Garden Center owner Belen Cañete says that “taking care of ornamentals at home makes the place appealing.”

    Cañete says ornamental plants require proper nutrients, sunlight, water and a lot of human love and attention.

    Like lovers, these green blooms need to be nurtured and loved to make them flourish. “Taking care of ornamentals is like taking care of our hearts – they are both fragile and should be handled with love and care,” Cañete adds.