Snacking helps families savor moments together


    It’s the new year, and it brings new hope for a brighter tomorrow. However, we know that many hurdles still exist before we can go back to a new semblance of normal. During this trying time, how are families to move forward and experience a sense of the familiar during their every day?

    Eden Cheese, the country’s number one block cheese brand, has been part of Filipino meal and snack times for the past 36 years. The brand has been one with the country through the many trials and joys we have experienced in the past decades. This year, the beloved brand aims to help provide families a source of comfort and connection as we continue to face one of the most challenging periods in our lifetime, and more importantly look forward to surmounting it soon.

    This product of Mondelez Philippines, Inc., is a part of a global snacking leader. “To empower people to snack right is our Purpose as a Company. As such we are always obsessed about what people snack on, when and why,” explains Michelle Santillan, Category Lead for Cheese brands of Mondelez Philippines. She continues, “For the past two years we have been conducting our global State of Snacking report to find out the behaviors around snacking. Last year, the survey focused on how the biggest world event to date, the pandemic, has affected how people snack. This has helped us to ensure our brands continue to play a role in the changed lives of our consumers.”

    The State of Snacking Survey 2020 was conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of parent company Mondelēz International among 6,292 global adults aged 18 and older. One of the key trends showed by the survey is about how comfort was the #1 driver of snacking in 2020, with more than half of consumers enjoying nostalgic snack brands from their childhood and snacking with brands that bring them good memories. Another key highlight was that among parents who are working from home, 72% of them feel that snack times is one of the few times in the day which brings together their family and household.

    Eden Cheese has a long history of bringing together families through its delicious creaminess. During this time, it hopes to become an enabler for families to rediscover their relationships and make them stronger through their shared food moments.

    “We believe in supporting the strong relationship of Filipino families and providing comfort to them as we continue to emerge from the challenges we face,” adds Kristen Mendoza, Eden Cheese Brand Manager. “With meal and snack times becoming important touchpoints in daily life, Eden Cheese aims to help families savor these moments together. The survey shows that 52% of adults globally say that snacking with others has been the high point of their day during the pandemic. We hope that the creaminess that Eden Cheese brings to favorite dishes like Pinoy Spaghetti can encourage families to linger at the table, strengthen their bonds and create wonderful moments together.”

    With the pandemic changing the dynamics in our home, the Filipino dining table that brings families together has changed and became multi-purpose. It has evolved into an office desk which dads work on or a study table for kids. We aim to bring back its real purpose, which is to bring families together through a delicious food moment that they can share together. To encourage consumers to savor every moment during snack times together, Eden Cheese has released a new inspirational film to highlight the importance of togetherness.

    Mendoza ends, “Eden’s creaminess is able to enrich many different dishes, so families can always find reasons to snack and be together, be it big or small moments to provide comfort to their day.”