Smart healthcare marketing propels Comm&Sense’s success


    The successful metal haul of content agency Comm&Sense Inc. in the recently held 17th Philippine Quill Awards is a testament to how emerging institutions in the healthcare industry can go head-to-head and win alongside the best local and international brands in the country.

    Comm&Sense hit a milestone after it received its first Agency of the Year nomination in the prestigious Quill Awards, barely two years after the company joined the marketing communications competition.

    The agency was shortlisted as among the best agencies this year after it won a total of six Quill Awards for the various campaigns it developed and implemented.

    Five of the six Quills Comm&Sense won involved healthcare clients projects, namely ManilaMed’s #FeelBetter Campaign and Urban Health Media Campaign, Westlake Medical Center “Sabini Doc” Video Series, PhilCare’s Prepaid Healthcard, and PhilCare’sActivNation Campaign.

    ManilaMed’s #FeelBetter and Westlake’s “Sabini Doc” both won the coveted Quill Award of Excellence, which means these initiatives have attained the Global Standard for Communication Excellence set by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

    Apart from Westlake and ManilaMed, Comm&Sense also won another Award of Excellence for its “Plane and Simple” campaign for WCC Aviation School.

    Comm&Sense President Jaeger Tanco said that what the agency is most proud of with this year’s citation is the fact that its campaigns for healthcare clients were recognized for its creativity and effectiveness, worthy of being tagged for excellence alongside international and local brands.

    “Comm&Sense banked heavily on the smart use of content. Content was the spark that captured the attention of our target audience and the fuel that helped our partner brands build their community of followers and advocates,” he said.

    Comm&Sense calls its approach Brand Publishing – the practice of having brands come up with content that will endear it to its audiences. More than just talking about how good and useful their products and services are, Brand Publishing makes brands focus more on creating communities around shared beliefs and values.

    “Brands should accept that marketing is more than just getting attention. Audiences today must become part of the brand’s community and the ‘shock and awe’ of advertising is no longer enough. Editorial content is more engaging and addictive than the usual viral content. I guess this is where Comm&Sense is good at — creating content that is more of a commitment than a campaign,” Comm&Sense Communications Director TotengTanglao said.