Skincare that heals your acne without drying your skin


    HAILING from the makers of Singapore’s IDS Aesthetics and IDS Skincare, the brand has come to the Philippines to change the way we see acne therapy with their breakthrough approach.

    Most acne treatments focus on reducing active breakouts which dries up blemishes but doesn’t heal the inflammation at its roots but Kylaz boasts a non-drying formula providing a sustainable, long-term solution that treats acne at the source and helps maintain healthy skin for complete healing and protection.

    With its dermatologically tested 3-step methodology, Kylaz breaks down acne treatment into a simple yet effective process. It’s as easy as Correct, Protect, and Prevent.

    The Kylaz three-part skincare approach involves gently and effectively treating the root of acne within the dermis, where the source of the inflammation is. For complete healing to take place, it also protects the compromised skin, shrinks pores, and clears up comedones,
    blackheads, and whiteheads. Going beyond healing, Kylaz improves skin health and immunity so that recurring acne is prevented.

    Their simple range of three products uses 16 active ingredients to provide holistic treatment that goes beyond acne care to the maintenance of a clear and healthy complexion.

    Kylaz was founded in 2019 by husband-and-wife team Janifer Yeo-Tan and Dr. SK Tan, who were motivated by their desire to see their children enjoy an active, empowering and acne-free youth.

    Their passion to eradicate acne has finally made its way to Philippine shores.