Sinfully delectable, delicious, luscious pies


    THE Yummy Pies Collection is the latest addition to the much talked-about Gio’s Premium Savoury Longganiza from Giovanni’s Kitchen. From the glitzy, glamourous world, the make-up maven and beauty queen maker has evolved to become a sausage maker and now, a baker!

    Giovanni’s Kitchen is now accepting advance orders for individual and bulk delivery of freshly baked pies. They also do “Love Deliveries” by catering to overseas Filipinos and local sectors who wish to surprise their loved ones with something nice and sweet especially during these trying times. The pies are kept reasonably priced despite their premium quality.

    The sinfully delicious French Apple Pie has crumbly and flaky crust filled with sweet juicy cinnamon kissed, crunchy sweet apples all topped off with delicious, buttery streusels. It’s simply magical, like Christmas on a plate!

    The luscious Peaches and Mangoes Crumble offers the vibrant harvest of summer combining two delicious fruits in one blissful dessert.

    A marrying concoction of sweet, sun-kissed Philippine mangoes and California peaches in a home-made, buttery crust topped with crumbly, delicious streusels!

    The delectable Buco Langka Crumble will make you fall in love at first bite, with added bits and pieces of sweet jackfruit meat that brings delight to the senses which perfectly complements the goodness of layered buco meat. The signature buttery crust and streusel topping will definitely liven up the delicate flavor of this classic recipe.

    Giovanni Lazaro Flores’s creative juices are, indeed, overflowing. In fact, he does his own awesome product presentations that highlight his food masterpieces together with help of photographer Owen Suan Reyes.

    Gio also informed us that his test kitchen, which he conceptualized for those wanting to start their own food business but do not have the place or equipment, is now in the works in BF Parañaque.

    For individual and bulk orders contact Gio Flores at mobile nos. 09531138799 or @Giovanni’sKitchen.