Simple tips on how to teach kids about fire safety


    Did you know that a child as young as five can already learn about fire safety and prevention? It is important to teach them about the dangers of a fire while they are still young so that they’ll know how to prevent it and protect themselves in case a fire happens. These are lifelong learnings that they will take into adulthood.

    Solane, the leading LPG brand in the country, shares some tips on how to teach your kids about fire safety and prevention.

    Teach them the dangers of matches or lighters. Children are curious by nature and would play with anything that they can get their hands on. Some cases of fires are caused by children who are unaware of the dangers of playing with lighters, matches, or any flammable items. You should talk to them about the harm they can cause. Since these things aren’t supposed to be toys, you should also store lighters and matches in places that can’t be reached by a child.

    Lead by example. Children imitate the adults around them so make sure that you are taking precautionary measures too. Simple prevention at home, such as never leaving lit candles or incense for a long time, will help a child remember what to do.

    Organize your things at home with your kids. Your home contains a lot of combustible materials that can easily catch fire. Cleaning will help you get rid of excess things inside or around your house which can potentially burn in the event of a fire. This will also help you sort out your most valuable possessions in your home.

    Proper usage of gadgets and appliances. Kids aged 5 to 10 already know how to operate basic home appliances. Most kids at this age group can start using a microwave oven to warm up their food, an air conditioner to beat the heat, or a television set to tune in to their favorite shows. This is why you should already start teaching them how to plug and use these equipments properly to avoid any electrical hazards. Take note that most fires in the country are related to electricity. To prevent fire, advise your kids to avoid using appliances and gadgets simultaneously, and unplug them when they are done.

    Keep them away from stoves. A kitchen is no place for a child to play in. You should teach your children to play far away from open flames and the stoves. Their clothes or handheld toys can catch fire. A simple gas burner stove can also easily fall over if they bumped into it. For ensured protection in the kitchen, you can also use Solane when cooking your family’s meals. Solane can help provide additional security since it has safety measures in place.