‘Sierra Luminosa’


    Ed Santillan’s works for “Sierra Luminosa” is intended to stimulate visual sensation and to explore the relation between emotion, complexity, organic patterns and visual sensation.

    The artworks are also an exploration into the relationship or contrast between organic structure and geometric forms, coupled with his artistic technique of making the elements in his canvas luminescent. They are simultaneously representational and abstract, static and dynamic.

    The paintings focus on the way built forms relate to landscape. The artist perceives the human tendency to impose geometric systems on the spaces we occupy. He has observed that these are often compromised and changed by nature – the topography of given site, weather or gravity.

    Santillan’s works depict a quiet sense of wonder; engaging the viewer’s eye with subtle modulations, organic color –whether saturated or rarefied, and complex textures, all within a rectilinear format inspired by sacred mountains. His goal with is to transform prosaic space into a charged space, dislodging himself and the audience from the unfocused gaze we so often direct at the everyday world.

    Eddie Santillan (b. 1983) is a self-taught artist hailing from Pampanga. He honed his skills by participating in his school’s art activities and competitions. At 19, he was given a break by a company and worked as a caricature artist, where he learned how to use various mediums in his works of art. Santillan has participated in local group exhibitions since 2012, and was also included in ManilArt 2013’s roster of participants.

    “Sierra Luminosa” by Ed Santillan will be on view from November 5 to 15, 2020. Galerie Joaquin is located on the 3rd level of The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.