Scandinavian cleaning hacks for a spotless home


    GIVING your home a regular cleaning is a must but sometimes, it could be a tedious task to do amidst our busy schedules. This 2020, let’s take our cue from the Scandinavians and learn the secrets to their famously cozy and tidy homes

    There is a Swedish concept called lagom, loosely translated to ‘not too much, not too little—just right’, which is basically teaches one to practice balance in your life. An integral part of the concept of lagom is de-cluttering, but it’s not simply about throwing out things.

    Each day dedicate a few minutes of your day to organize your things. Keep three boxes—keep, donate, and throw away—where you can put your things after decluttering. You can also place a basket or a bag by the stairs or in a spot that accumulates clutter and slowly fill it with items. Once it’s full, sort through and put everything back where it belongs.

    One way to reduce dirt inside your home is to make sure you don’t walk around indoors in your outside shoes. Check in your shoes by your door and have a pair of slippers handy.

    You should also have extra indoor slippers ready for when guests come over your house.

    A duster may be one of the most common household cleaning tools but using one only tends to scatter the existing dust around. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner to leave surfaces dust-free.

    A good choice is the Electrolux 2-in-1 Ergorapido Cordless Stick vacuum cleaner, which has an advanced allergy filter that captures 99.9% of micro dust. It also comes with a detachable hand-held unit allowing you to keep shelves and tables dust free, plus a motorized power brush with a wide nozzle great for picking up large crumbs and optimized for generating strong suction.

    Your sofa cushions and mattresses need to be cleaned too, especially if you eat while sitting on them. Start by putting your cushions outside to be soaked under the sun. The heat from the sun eliminates the dampness and odor of the cushions acquired over time. Afterwards, thoroughly clean your cushions by vacuuming it to make sure no dust or crumbs are left before you bring it back into your room or living room.

    General cleaning can seem overwhelming but not if you do it regularly. Schedule general cleaning at least once a month so your place won’t be too dirty and organizing things is more manageable. Make sure to clean all areas of your house regularly; some places that are frequently overlooked are closet floors, top of cabinets and doors, undersides of your furniture and even the indoor plants.

    Don’t forget to vacuum your house regularly too. You can do it on weekends, a couple of days a week or even every night—give your place a gentle sweep or vacuum it lightly so you’re sure that your house is dust-free.

    The Electrolux Flexio Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a fantastic all-around partner for your everyday cleaning. It has a 20-liter dust container, big enough so you don’t have to change it too frequently and since it can handle a large amount of liquids, it’s great for handling spills and even cleaning things like your carpet when it undergoes its shampooing.