Satisfying and safe dining experience


    MANG Inasal, one of the well-loved Pinoy restaurants, prepares to resume its dine-in services and safety measures have been put in place to guarantee customers’ dining experience safe and satisfying.

    Upon entry, customers’ body temperature will be checked. They are also requested to fill out the customer health form, wear face masks, step into the disinfecting footbath mat, and sanitize every time.

    They are enjoined to be seated apart for physical distancing purposes. One-meter table-to-table distance segregates diners and a table barrier is placed for face-to-face dining in its selected stores.

    Even the serving of unli-rice has been modified. Those who placed unli-rice orders will be automatically served two cups of rice, and extra wrapped rice will be dished out should they ask for more. Pre-portioned condiments are served together with the ordered meal.

    “As we work towards the gradual return of in-store dining, we make sure to put our stakeholders at ease by placing their welfare as our top priority,” business unit head Jojo Subido said in instituting these precautions.