Satisfy your Italian pizza cravings at this new place in town


    It all started in the land of love, Italy. Pizza has been famous for its rich flavors that expanded and innovated throughout generations around the world. A simple flatbread that was developed in Naples where tomato was added in the late 18th century, has now become one of world’s most beloved dish. Pizza flavors evolved in each century, adding new ingredients and variations.

    Today, many infusions had been added to create more varieties of Pizza flavors around the world. The most famous flavors of pizza today are Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Four Cheese and Vegetarian to name a few. Many pizza toppings come and go but these four flavors are definite must-haves in any pizza store.

    Recently, Renegade Branding Concepts unveiled its newest Pizza brand that will surely add to the pizza craze. The Pizza Factory, curated by veteran actress Sunshine Cruz has opened its first store at Century City Mall, in Makati, offering an irresistible selection of pizza flavors on their menu.

    The pizza joint opened its second store at Milano Residences a few days after the first store was launched. The Pizza Factory aims to cater foodies and pizza lovers who enjoy varieties of pizza flavors.

    Sunshine Cruz partnered with Renegade Branding Concept to formulate and curate the flavors for this newest pizza concept in town.

    Pizza Factory by Sunshine Cruz offers a wide range of menu selections, from the authentic flavors of Italy to the mainstream classics of today’s trend. It serves 9 classic different pizzas. As of this date, they have Hawaiian, Four Cheese, Pepperoni, Vegetarian, Napoli, Margarita, Salcisia, Salmone e Pesto and Boscaiola on their menu board.

    “I am very excited to launch The Pizza Factory. I love Italian Food and it has been my long-time dream to open a Pizza store. I believe that our flavors will appeal to all pizza lovers,” the actress said.

    The Pizza Factory plans to open more stores this 2020 to serve their unique and premium tasting pizza offerings around the Philippines.

    “We hope to open stores not just in Metro Manila but in other key cities nationwide so more people can discover the flavors that we offer,” Cruz added.