The world can be a worrisome place with its frenetic pace and unceasing clamor. There are times that people want to get away from it all. To go to a place they can call their own and find piece. “Sanctuary” is Janddie Castillo’s artistic depiction of that place – a place to be quiet and surrounded by nature, to observe and be inspired. His interest in light, space, spirit, and gesture are reflected in his latest paintings of the natural landscape.

    Castillo looks for areas of light in the deep space between and through trees. He intends for the viewers’ eyes to track the movement of light within the spaces and the leaves. For his latest solo exhibition, he is interested in how the subject can organize and build the perceptual and emotional depth of the painting, the flow of the paint and the interplay of its contrasting, painterly qualities; qualities that suggest serenity and calm as well as the intensely focused energy of a meditation.

    Janddie Castillo’s oeuvre has successfully emphasized the drama between detail, a single brushstroke, and the unified whole image. His works suggest an interplay of light in the sky and branches — as metaphors for ideas – for playfulness and inventiveness, potential for a warmer, brighter future.

    “Master of Splash Art” is the title given to Janddie Castillo, a Far Eastern University Fine Arts graduate, by his peers due to his unique art style which he invented and coined. This technique melds realistic and impressionistic themes with the symphony of splashes, splatters, and swiping strokes. He has successfully incorporated Jackson Pollock’s “Drip Technique” with Voka’s brush stroke style and color combinations to make an art style that is truly Filipino and truly Castillo’s own. Castillo has been generating serious interest among collectors in the art scene via his highly successful one-man shows and group exhibits.

    “Sanctuary” will be on view at Galerie Raphael Shangri-La Plaza Mall from Sept 3 -13, 2020. Galerie Raphael is located at Level 4, Main Wing Shangri-La Plaza Mall, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City.