‘Sagot Ko Na’ pizza party

    The Greenwich team.
    The Greenwich team.

    GREENWICH has always been a witness to barkada celebrations. This time, it is joining the fun by encouraging the barkada to give a friend a virtual pat on the back thru the “Sagot Ko Na” pizza party – the treat is on those who give all-out support.

    “Sagot Ko Na” is a natural response among members of the barkada when they coax another to buy pizza, PJ Talosig, Greenwich assistant brand manager for pizza, said in an interview.

    Talosig said this year has been a great one for the pasta and pizza brand. “Local celebrities Yassi Pressman, Robi Domingo, and Enrique were introduced as Greenwich barkadas,” he said.

    The pizza and pasta brand continuously launches products that barkadas will take pleasure in, he said. “It is just really us showing what we have to our barkada equity.”

    The all-in pizza overload is loaded with ham, pepperoni, burger crumbles, bacon, Italian sausage, and Spanish sausage, plus green bell peppers, pineapples, mushrooms, onions, and cheese – that has an all-in flavor in one freshly-made crust.

    “One of the reasons why we are very proud of our pizza is that all of the toppings that our customers really like are on it,” Talosig said, adding it all comes together in one perfect taste.

    This everything-on-it pizza tastes even better when it’s a “Sagot Ko Na” blowout – one’s treat to his or her barkada. Sharing a pizza that is overloaded with toppings and flavor, combined with the all-in goodness of the company of friends and loved ones, is enjoyable because it heightens the experience one has with each bite.

    With the “Sagot Ko Na” pizza party, the pizza and pasta chain shows its utmost appreciation to its old and new barkadas for choosing to make the brand a part of their lives and memories.

    The #GreenwichSagotKoNa expresses that one’s success is also his or her barkada’s success.