Safety first with verified LPG

    While liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is highly versatile for different applications, it can also be very dangerous. A lot of work goes into making sure genuine LPG products and cylinders are safe because otherwise, it can spell the difference between life and death.
    There are many safety regulations that genuine LPG brands need to go through and pass. Strict parameters are set to verify LPG products’ authenticity, cylinder parts and features, weight, quality, and safety as well as the refilling procedures from the refilling process down to the moment of purchase.
    Verified Solane LPGs have verified seals

    Only the authentic LPG cylinders are guaranteed safe and in good condition. Trusted brands such as Solane have authorized retailers that only sell cylinders that pass the Philippine National Standard (PNS) set to ensure the safety and quality of LPG cylinders and products in terms of the requirements for the materials, design, construction, testing and markings of steel cylinders; the methods for the requalification of tanks allowed to be used in the storage, handling, and transportation; as well as the removal and corrective measures for purchased LPGs.

    Because LPG is a gaseous mixture that has direct hazards on humans if consumed in large quantities, its release from its container must be regulated. Additionally, low-quality flames contribute to faster soot build-up especially burners are not maintained overtime.
    If you have a verified Solane LPG cylinder, you can easily control the flame quality when cooking. Solane LPGs have effective regulators that control the release of LPG to avoid unwanted leaks that may be toxic for your kitchen.
    People who invest in genuine and top-quality LPGs get exactly what they’re paying for. Fake or copycat LPG products have previously been reported to be underfilled or mixed with water to meet weight requirements. Not only does this end up costing consumers more money, it can also be potentially dangerous. Verified genuine LPG tanks will always contain the exact amount of pure LPG indicated on the cylinder. Verified Solane LPG cylinders, for instance, contain exactly 11kgs of LPG.  Considering these reasons, the next step to securing your safety is choosing the right brand to trust.


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