Safe, sanitary laundry duties


    There is now a more conscious effort to live a healthier life. As restrictions related to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic are being eased, our lives will not be the same again.

    We prefer to cook our own food, bake our own bread, and even wash our own clothes. In our “new normal,” we are more comfortable doing things for ourselves such as taking care of our clothes and the cloth face masks we wear when going outside.

    Home appliances brand Beko Pilipinas Corp. helps empower new generations to live healthier lives.

    Beko washing machines are equipped with additional features to help every household’s journey to good health and wellness. It also offers a range of extra programs, allowing the user to adjust the spin speed and temperature suitable for the laundry needs.

    One of these programs is Hygiene+, which blends sensitive temperature control with additional rinse and spin cycles to ensure that any microorganism is removed from laundry. Working at a range of 20 to 90 degrees Celsius (°C), the 60°C cycle is approved by Allergy UK to eliminate 99.9 percent of allergens.

    Beko Laundry SteamCure

    The washing machines have excellent washing features that make life easier, including advanced technologies that can also effectively launder and sanitize clothes without ruining them.

    The AquaWave technology massages the laundry pieces in a gentle wave-like manner through a set of paddles in the drum. This ensures that the properties of antibacterial laundry detergents and other cleaning agent sip-through the fabric to wash away stubborn dirt and stains.

    All of these, coupled with the ProSmart inverter motor, make the washing machine more powerful yet less energy consuming.

    The home appliances brand also suggests taking some precautionary measures to make laundry as hygienic as possible.

    Segregating whites from colored is basic, but it is also a good idea to wash separately the used clothes of household members who go out from those who don’t. As an additional layer of safety, it would be better to use disposable gloves when handling the dirty clothes.

    Low suds detergents are highly recommended for fully automatic washers as too much detergent can actually cause in an abundance of suds that can trap dirt in the fabric.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing cloth face masks in the machine after each use. Use 60°C temperature setting for a more hygienic wash as heat kills microorganisms.

    Dry clothes completely before putting them in the closet to avoid growth of microorganisms.