Safe, clean Camiguin

    White Island. (Photo from Camiguin Tourism Office)

    CAMIGUIN, which is gradually and steadily growing to be at the forefront of safe and sustainable travel, has established effective protocols and developed meaningful action plans for a holistic approach in its recovery efforts – way ahead of any re-opening plans.

    Dubbed “Clean Camiguin,” the playbook will show local travelers the many little ways they can do to keep the island healthy and fun to explore as well as stay out of harm’s way.

    Governor Jurdin Jesus Romualdo said in his message the province’s pandemic response playbook is a simple compilation of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) essential guidelines and need-to-know intended for various audiences so they will not endanger their own health or anyone else’s.

    Caring about everyone’s health, safety and wellbeing, it aims to help host communities, business stakeholders, national and local government leaders, and local travelers appreciate how they intend to manage tourism moving forward, Romualdo added.

    “We are carefully striking a balance between health, economic, and environmental concerns,” he noted, to ensure the transition into the new normal becomes the heart of a long-term vision in keeping the island resilient towards global risks.

    Safe Cami

    To protect travelers and keep them safe from the COVID-19, the provincial government issues public safety guidelines that include personal and environmental prevention principles to maintain healthy environments, and thus prevent or slow the spread of the virus.

    The “cami” safety cheat sheet imparts the safety basics: clean hands and surfaces, avoid contact through social distancing, monitor travel and contacts, and isolate those who are sick.

    Responsive Cami

    Following the mandates of the Department of Health and the Department of Tourism to increase the capacity to test, trace and treat, the development of COVID-19 laboratories in the island is a top priority and being fast-tracked as soon as tourism returns in full swing.

    It will be an active partner in SafePass development as it pioneers the system’s testing and local implementation assessment.

    Treatment and management of COVID-19 patients will be dictated by the Health Facilities Referral System currently in place. Diagrams have been developed for easy and clear reference.

    Adaptable Cami

    Tourist sites will operate on shorter hours for safety. Besides checking the operation hours prior to arrival, travelers should plan ahead and allocate extra time and flexibility on their schedule.

    Visitor entry will be regulated to ensure required maximum carrying capacities. Travelers will be accommodated on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis, are encouraged to plan their tour schedules ahead, and follow safety guidelines for a smooth and hassle-free visit.

    Camiguin will progressively implement contactless transactions, favoring more tech-based support system and minimizing direct physical contact. Everyone will be informed of these available options as they develop.

    Ready Cami

    The province’s travel protocols and public-access information signify its readiness to welcome travelers.

    Apart from adhering to the arrival and departure process flow in its airport and seaport, the safety signage, motivational graphics and other vital information will be accessible to Camiguin residents and stakeholders so that the official safety guidelines are communicated consistently.

    Responsible Cami

    There are also health and safety guidelines under the new normal for specific sectors, such as for island and beach destinations, accommodation, restaurants, tourist land transport services, and meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions facilities.

    Hopeful Cami

    Home to a rich variety of destinations, the island offers the perfect landscape for secluded adventures. Physical distancing to avoid larger crowds is spontaneous as tourists are brought closer to nature.

    Camiguin boasts of a vibrant collection of unique and endemic plant and sea life, whose colors, textures and character will leave travelers in awe of nature.

    Travel packages are available for solo travelers, couples and small groups to spend quality time through island activities.

    A state of heart, mind and being, the Clean Camiguin campaign is a proactive step towards the island’s vision of a more sustainable travel it has long pursued and championed, and not merely a reaction to the demands of the global health crisis.

    Romualdo said the banner program on sustainable and responsible tourism proves most relevant today as the “island born of fire” and “island of the sweetest lanzones” prepares to gradually, responsibly and safely re-open its doors despite the COVID-19.

    Before taking a trip, it is advised to consider smart travel planning, conduct a risk-benefit analysis, and look up any requirements, restrictions, or protocols in the destination.