Rising high for a brighter future


    As Filipinos experience the unprecedented effects of the pandemic, Sun Life Philippines felt compelled to do even more to help them rise above the present challenges.

    Alex Narciso, president of Sun Life Philippines and Sun Life Foundation, said after all, two of the most pressing concerns of today – financial security and health – are the areas in which the insurance company can be of assistance. But more than that, it is simply the right thing to do.

    “If we have the privilege to be comfortable in this crisis, we also have the responsibility to lend a hand to those in different circumstances,” Narciso stressed.

    Sun Life Foundation recently launched Rise Brighter PH to help the country rise to a brighter future. It has two projects, Sun Pera-Aralan 2020 and Sun Life Barangay Health Stations.

    Sun Pera-Aralan, a behavior-based financial management program, addresses financial insecurity and indebtedness among public school teachers. Narciso said this program considers the actual behaviors and experiences of public school teachers, making it more effective in helping them develop positive and practical daily money habits.

    Sun Pera-Aralan makes use of Peso-Sobre, a simple and straightforward budgeting tool that helps teachers properly allocate their monthly salary into weekly funds, he explained. The program was designed by AHA! Behavioral Design Inc.

    Narciso said the initial run held last year with about 10,000 public school teachers had great results as they were able to properly budget their salary and stick to it, and make it through the next pay day without the need to borrow money, and save.

    The Sun Life Barangay Health Stations, on the other hand, serve as the most accessible sources of primary health care and will focus on providing sustainable health care to the poorer sectors of society.

    While there is a disparity in the number of barangays versus the number of existing health stations, Narciso said the project aims to help fill that gap. “We are fortunate to have found a partner in Health Futures Foundation, Inc. for this initiative,” he said.

    This year, eight barangay health stations will be erected in different areas in Batangas, offering vaccination, consultation as well as health information dissemination. Barangay health workers and health cluster leaders will be trained to care for their respective communities.

    The project aims to benefit a total of 125,000 lives within the next five years. “We also envision it to be a sustainable initiative that may benefit not just the present but also future generations,” Narciso said.

    “We reaffirm our commitment to our purpose, which is to help Filipinos achieve financial security and live healthier lives,” he added.

    Sun Life wants to send a beacon of hope that even during these times of uncertainty, “a sustainable and brighter future is possible, and it is right ahead of us,” he stressed.

    Benedict Sison, Sun Life chief executive officer and country head and Sun Life Foundation chairman, said these two new, long-term, sustainable programs will help alleviate the impact of the pandemic on the Filipinos’ financial security and health.

    “This is our way of honoring the Filipinos’ strength and resilience amid adversity,” Sison said, and a testament to their continuing commitment to their brighter future.

    Today’s partnership with the Filipinos is as strong as ever, he said, assuring that Sun Life shall remain at their side as the country strives to rise above the pandemic.