‘Rhythm and Waves’

    Low Tide

    The works for “Rhythm and Waves” take the artist back to being part again of those nostalgic times by the sounds of the waves and the smell of sea air; in its power, and it’s many faces, from the peace and tranquility of becalmed waters to the utter fear you experience in ferocious waves and hurricane seas.

    It was therefore this emotion and calming influence of being drawn back to the sea that Amado Hidalgo successfully depicted in his most recent solo exhibit. A call of the sea that was missing: a desire to reproduce life’s “comfort blanket”, to be again part of the sea one longs for, respects, and loves.


    Hidalgo’s seascape works are influenced by the artist’s own thoughts on the energy, power and processes of natural forces. It explores the idea of finding a calm resolution by morphing an object to exhaustion and destruction. Hidalgo is inspired by the notion of change and the thrill of a balance between permanence and impermanence of shape and form.

    Memory is created and stored between the synapses’ just as the truth of the sea lies between the rocks; what Hidalgo paints is the space in between experience and memory.

    The murkiness of the fog obscures the edges and seams of the rocks to render them calm and present. His color choice is reminiscent of the hues captured by observing the mist and haze from the early morning and chilled summer afternoon, organically performing and representing moments in time.

    Amado Hidalgo (b.1945) is a visual artist from Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of the Philippines, with a double major in Painting and Sculpture. He considers himself as a Classical Realist, particularly focusing on seascape works, wherein he dedicates his oeuvre by traveling to seashores and seaside caves. He has painted the coast of Northern and Central Luzon, and the breath-taking subterranean caves of Palawan. Hidalgo is currently a member of the Saturday Group of Artists.

    Rhythm and Waves by Amado Hidalgo will be on view from November 24 to December 5. Galleria Nicolas is located on 2/F, Filipino Village, Ayala Malls Manila Bay.