REX publishes landmark compendium on educational law


    In light of its advocacy and initiatives to introduce holistic learning methods and professional development by educating for Whole Child, REX recently launched a landmark work on educational law and policy making.

    Titled “The Education Act,” the book is the country’s first and most comprehensive compendium of education policies, regulatory tools, practices, and current issues that are affecting the nation as it undergoes transformations in the field of education.

    Released during the 40th annual run of Manila International Book Fair, the country’s largest exhibition for publishers, the book is written by Atty. Joseph Noel M. Estrada, a family and education lawyer by practice, and a much sought-after resource speaker and advocate for education.

    Asked about what inspired him to work on the book, Atty. Estrada said that he wanted to “empower more education professionals, educators, administrators, students,” adding that, by writing the book, he wanted to “reach out to more people.

    This will help future generations, it will inspire more advocates for education, and we badly need them in the society,” said Atty. Estrada. According to the author, the book is a good material for policy makers, in Congress, or in the Senate, because it provides readers with the legal information they would need to craft the education laws, and initiate educational reforms and eventually help in the process of national development.

    Atty. Estrada also advocates for improving education by representing in policy consultations with the Department of Education, the Commission on Higher Education, and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.