Respecting individuality


    Alvin Paraguison, Elli Frolunga Firmalino Jr., JC Crescini, Jim Caarl Echas, John Claudee Sicam,, John Perry Pellejera, Jojo Ramirez, Jun Cambel, Kenneth John Montegrande, Kennth Santiago, Lei Manto, Louella Nofuente, Mark Rene Nativo, Mating Namo, Nelson Ricahuerta, and Nissa Tayle are all part of a group whose works of art are now on display from February 29 to March 9 at the Ayala Malls Manila Bay on Diosdado Macapagal Ave. corner Aseana Ave., in Paranaque City.

    The exhibit of this group of artists is entitled “Individuality” and it is organized by The Artologist Gallery.

    According to this art show’s theme: “There is so much intolerance in today’s world. At no other time has the world been more interconnected than now, but at the same time, we have become so divided: by race, religion, political systems, as well as in the art industry relations among others.

    “Everywhere you look, you see so much hatred, suspicion, envy, arrogance. All this has resulted in chaos. We should have more RESPECT for one another. We should accept our differences, and try to live in harmony.

    “We can no longer afford to think only of ourselves because our fate – our very survival – is dependent on others. What our parents taught us when we were little kids, RESPECT for each other, is what we now need the most.

    “The key to RESPECT is recognizing each other’s INDIVIDUALITY.

    “We are all different: individually, culturally, nationally, artistically, and regionally. We can never be the same, but we can live together if we accept our differences, our INDIVIDUALITY. Each of us has a role to play in making this a better world.

    “As artists, we want to proclaim and celebrate our own INDIVIDUALITY. Each of us is a unique individual.

    “And this is what makes this world so varied and so beautiful.

    “We should let our INDIVIDUALITY blossom in perfect harmony with no prejudice.”

    Let us view how each artist expresses his thoughts through his work…..let us enjoy the show/exhibit as it had been curated and pulled together to create these artists’ individuality.

    Enjoy your weekend!