‘Redesigning Plastic’ inspires bright ideas


    One company’s internal plastic upcycling program has sparked creativity while building awareness among employees of luxury casino hotel Winford Manila Resort & Casino (WMRC) in San Lazaro, Manila.

    Dubbed “Redesigning Plastic”, the CSR initiative was conceptualized by WMRC for its employees and is the company’s first program geared towards environmental sustainability that seeks to build awareness of the threat posed by single-use plastic to the planet.

    The three-pronged program began with a two-month design competition where various departments were invited to collect disposable plastic items, such as straws and bottles, and then work individually or as a team by using these to create various installations or art.

    The second component of the program featured a keynote address entitled “Think Before You Throw” by guest speaker Ms. Anna Varona, founder of Clean Our Oceans Project—an environmental organization that advocates marine conservation through responsible consumer behavior.

    Completing the “Redesigning Plastic” program is the sustainable component, wherein all plastic waste accumulated by WMRC’s operations will be saved and cleaned prior to collection by Ms. Varona’s organization on a regular basis for upcycling purposes.

    “Winford Manila is a believer of good corporate citizenship and supports various charities, primarily geared towards helping the underprivileged and sustaining our environment,” said Mr. Jami Ledesma, Director for Corporate Communications, WMRC.

    “Through ‘Redesigning Plastic’, it is our hope that each and every member of the company brings home the central message of this initiative, and that is to minimize their consumption of single-use plastics, while setting aside what they do use for proper recycling or upcycling.”

    Entries to the design competition were rated by a panel of judges composed of Ms. Varona, WMRC President & Chief Operating Officer Mr. Jeff Evora, and WMRC Human Resources Manager Ms. Cheryl Cruz.

    The winning entry, “Classy Chandelier”, a fully functioning lighting fixture, was designed by WMRC’s Engineering & Facilities Management team and constructed entirely out of PVC, plastic bottles, and other single-use plastics.