RedDoorz launches HygienePass


    RedDoorz, Southeast Asia’s largest and fastest-growing online hotel management and booking platform, today announced the launch of “HygienePass”, an industry-wide cleanliness & sanitation certification program that follows the new set of health and safety guidelines for the hospitality industry.

    The program aims to standardize the hygiene and sanitation measures hotel players need to implement as precautionary measures during COVID-19 in order to manage ongoing health risks. It also builds the Filipino travellers’ confidence in RedDoorz hotels by enabling them to easily identify ‘safe’ hotels, and reassure them that they are staying in establishments which implement and maintain a set of robust hygiene and cleanliness measures independently supported by a medical professional.

    Starting with the Luzon region, RedDoorz Philippines will ensure all its 250 properties will undergo a comprehensive audit which is required to obtain the certification program. This process will be in close coordination with one of the prominent public health physicians today who will also be RedDoorz’s trainer and consultant for the program, Dr. Renzo Guinto.

    “I’m very keen on supporting RedDoorz on this initiative for there’s now a great need to recognize public health and safety measures and I’m pleased to learn how committed RedDoorz is in implementing the program for hotels given the ‘new normal’ requirements of the consumers. RedDoorz will initiate the development and implementation of the said tech-driven program and we will both discern COVID19 response efforts, monitor quarantine and public health safety guidelines, and help these hotels prepare for the reopening of the economy,” says Dr. Guinto.