RCBC DiskarTech honors Filipinos’ resiliency


    The situation may be tough for many Filipinos but they still rise above the circumstances. This is the theme behind the new music video released by DiskarTech, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation’s (RCBC) inclusive app that helps to empower many unbanked and underserved Filipinos, especially in those living in grassroots communities.

    The video features vignettes of real-life stories on overcoming life’s challenges. The song was written by Christine Estabillo as a tribute to Filipinos who bravely face their everyday struggles. They start their days with hope and sustain the belief that “sikap” and “diskarte” will enable them to build better lives for themselves and their loved ones.

    Estabillo has been through many challenges herself, including being laid off from her job and losing her mother to Covid-19. “Filipinos are tough people. Crises can bring them down, but they’ll come right back up. But after all those challenges, we have no choice but to survive and continue living. I guess this is true for every Filipino, whatever happens, we have to fight to survive. That’s where being ‘madiskarte’ comes in. We are survivors,” she said

    Lito Villanueva, RCBC Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation & Inclusion Officer, talks about how Filipinos have always been madiskarte with their earnings and how RCBC supports their initiatives to help them grow.  “Undeniably, 2020 has been a tough year for the Filipinos. We started the year with a natural calamity, the eruption of Taal Volcano, and then came this pandemic that continues to impact the lives of many. One thing is remarkable amid all these, the indomitable spirit of the Pinoy shines through. This is a song about hope, faith, and resiliency.”

    Aside from honoring resilience, RCBC supports the Filipino’s dreams of having a better life. With more of the unbanked and underserved sectors empowered by the DiskarTech app, they are able to take charge of their finances and reach their life goals.

    The app functions as a bridge towards the virtual economy.  Users can also enjoy 3.25% interest to encourage them to save more, with a goal-oriented digital savings feature which reminds them to top up their savings to meet their set goals.

    Other DiskarTech features include cardless ATM withdrawals, fund transfers, deposits, and cash out from thousands of agent partners nationwide. Other convenient services include bills payments to major billers and government services, telemedicine, purchase of airtime load and gaming pins, and quick response (QR) code transfers.