Quality recipes made more affordable


    The refrigerator plays a rather important role in meal preparation. If the cooking stove is the kitchen queen, the refrigerator lands the king position.

    A refrigerator from Hisense is uniquely one cool partner in one’s cooking journey.

    Its refrigerators, which have sleek exterior design, possess superior functions such as electronic touch control, multi-air flow system, and fast cooling capabilities that keep food fresh and in great quality.

    With these dependable features, preparing and cooking food with fresh ingredients is nothing short of delightful; definitely no food wastage at all.

    However, proper storage is also key in ensuring that the refrigerator keeps the items inside fresh for as long as possible.

    Store leftovers in the leak-proof and clear containers – refrigerate them within two hours of cooking. Blend favorite fruits and veggies, and pour into ice cube molds and store. Put fresh meat, fish and poultry products in separate sealable containers in the freezer.

    Cut some veggies and put in storage jars for a quick salad anytime. Keep produce in separate containers instead of mixing up. Give favorite berries a vinegar bath (one cup of vinegar to three cups of water) to prevent molds and bacteria. Dry them and store in a clean container.

    Cook three to five days’ worth of food. Store three days’ worth of meals in the refrigerator and freeze the rest. Transfer canned foods into airtight container. Store condiments and non-perishable drinks at the refrigerator door area.