Providing comprehensive skincare


    The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is also part of the body that is always exposed to the elements. It has to constantly deal with weather changes, sun damage, pollution, environmental toxins, and everyday wear and tear. And this doesn’t just mean washing regularly, using creams or lotions, or even handling the occasional wart, pimple, or imperfection. This means truly ensuring our skin’s overall health. After all, problems that occur with our skin aren’t always just a cosmetic concern, but could potentially be the sign of a health problem below the surface.

    Dr. Jasmin Ramos-Yason gives a thorough skin check at the DLSMC Dermatology Center.

    “Our skin tells us a lot about our body,” explained Dr. Jasmin Ramos-Yason, FDPS, FPADSFI. “Whenever we are unwell it can manifest through our skin. Rashes, moles, warts or bruises that won’t heal, all of these are signs that there could potentially be something else wrong. As dermatologists, it’s our job to help patients address all of these skin concerns and make sure that they aren’t indicators of other potential illnesses. Skin problems typically depend on lifestyle and location of patients though. Some areas see more skin allergies and infections due to higher levels of pollution or more dense populations.”

    Because of this, the Dermatology Center in DLSMC offers a wide range of flexible services able to target a variety of specific concerns. They offer complete phototherapy treatments from full-body and hand and foot units to the latest localized phototherapy machine. These machines administer different wavelengths of ultraviolet light to treat skin diseases on the surface and deeper layers of the skin, like psoriasis, eczema as well as vitiligo. It is also used for certain cases of pruritis and non-specific cases of itchy skin and mycosis fungoides, a certain type of skin lymphoma. The center also offers patch testing for contact dermatitis delayed type of hypersensitivity reaction. Contact dermatitis is a type of eczema due to exposure of the skin to allergens or irritants in the environment. Through controlled patch testing, the center helps patients identify the allergen so that it can be avoided.

    The center offers a wide range of skincare services, but is still evolving and innovating adding new services and technologies to their roster. “We are continuously growing as a center,” Dr. Ramos-Yason said. “In the coming years we envision becoming a full one-stop complete dermatology center designed to treat all skin pathologies.”