Promoting greener and healthier environment


    PLANTING has become one of the new trends since the pandemic struck. Some turned into farming, some develop their backyard garden, and a lot of us grow into indoor gardening and became ‘plantitos’ and ‘plantitas.’

    With the growing number of plant lovers in the country, SM Supermalls launch its first ever Plant Festival. SM malls nationwide are now having green hubs where wonderful selection of plants, gardening equipment, décor and accessories are for sale.

    Caring for houseplant is such a delightful routine. Aside from producing oxygen and purifying the air, the mere sight of it can also help reduce stress and anxiety, and a great companion to maintain one’s sanity.

    Katherine Ignacio, a self-proclaimed plant parent shared her reasons when and why she started taking care of plants. “It really started last year” she starts to share. She spent a lot of time inside the house during last year’s lockdown that she wanted to see something new, and realized she wanted to give it a try for plants.

    “My first plant was a gift, and then I realized it needed a friend” she continue, “and while having them, I realized that it is not that so hard to take care of plants.”

    But the greatest thing being a plant also parent gave her is that, it helped her coped up with the passing of her loving mother last year. “It helps” she shared with a smile.

    So whatever our reasons may be, whether it’s just a hobby, collection, or for enjoyment, taking care of plants create a peaceful atmosphere that it is worth to bring their beauty into our homes.

    And SM Supermalls Plant Festival is definitely a paradise for plant lovers.