Pretty in pink


    IF THERE is anything millennials and zoomers like to drink when they want to enjoy, it is something with a lot of different flavors playing in every sip. They do not want to just feel the burn of the usual liquor as they want it to go down easy and smoothly, but sweetly, too.

    This has led to the renaissance of the cocktail culture. These drinks are a great, tasty, and exquisite way to knock back a few and feel good, especially at the end of the day.

    A good cocktail needs have a good base spirit. Gin is the backbone of many classic cocktails – from the timeless martini to the negroni. However, cocktail aficionados can spice it up by using flavored gins.

    Beefeater Gin, a classic London dry gin, aims to expand the cocktail horizon with the Beefeater Pink, a delicate and refreshing strawberry-flavored gin.

    The new gin brings a delicate and fruity kick to a refreshing award-winning gin by fusing a natural strawberry flavor to the traditional hand-picked citrus and juniper botanicals.

    “Thanks to a taste they won’t get enough of, we can’t wait for young gin lovers to get their hands on Beefeater Pink,” said Frances Favila, Beefeater Gin brand manager. “There are so many ways to enjoy a strawberry-flavored gin; you’ll never want to stop experimenting.”

    With flavors like that, they can have Beefeater Pink any way they want it – either on its own or as a strawberry-flavored twist on their favorite gin-based cocktail.

    The transparent bottle design features a graffiti-style logo inspired by stencil art, which shows off the gin’s vibrant pink hue and clues them in on the sweet delight they are about to have.