Prepping for your first run


    If you plan to join a run for the first time, you are taking the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. Now it is time to prepare for your first race.

    Maxicare Healthcare Corporation, the country’s leading healthcare provider, has put together a list of things that new fun run participants must consider, as it stages its biggest health and fitness event, MAXIFEST, on December 15 at Central Park SM by the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

    Here is a list of things that a new runner must do days, or even weeks, before the race:
    Condition your body. Set up a training plan to avoid injuries and help improve your body for the physical exertion of running. If you are not used to exercising and then you have to run several kilometers, chances are you will feel a lot of stiffness and soreness afterwards.

    The Run-Walk Method is a great way for new runners to get started, and for experienced runners to improve their race times. A suggested combination is a 30-second run, followed by a 2-minute walk, to be repeated for the entire duration of your run.

    Prepare everything the night before. To avoid cramming on the day of the run, sort out and prepare your things the night before. Prepare your socks, shoes, shorts, and shirt. It would be best to have a small bag to hold other essentials such as a visor, sunglasses, water bottle, extra shirt, as well as wallet, phone, and keys.

    Get enough sleep. Runs can be exciting but that is no reason to stay up all night. You need plenty of rest the day before so you will have enough energy the following day. Get at least eight hours of sleep the night before so that your muscles can stand the physical activity you will be doing. It is also important not to oversleep because you might feel sluggish the following day.

    Eat properly and hydrate. You shouldn’t run when you are hungry or full. Eat a healthy, balanced meal the night before. If you wake up feeling hungry on the day of the run, have a low-fiber breakfast at least two hours before the race starts. Mind your water intake.

    Drink from eight to 16 ounces of water at least an hour before running. Avoid drinking too much so you do not feel bloated and would not need a restroom break in the middle of the run.

    Set a plan. If you are a beginner, do not force yourself to run far. Choose a running course that your body will be comfortable with, and set a plan on how to complete it. Stop or slow down when you feel discomfort. It is important to feel happy and energized when you reach the finish line.

    At MAXIFEST, there are race categories for different groups of runners – a 500-meter dash for three to 12-year-old kids, a two-kilometer Senior Sprint for 60-year-olds and above, the basic 3k, easy distance of 5k, and the athletic 10k and 16k.

    This year’s MAXIFEST will also feature a Maxicare Market, your one-stop shop of ready-to-eat plant-based alternatives. Maxicare will also set a new Guinness World Record for the most number of people hugging a soft toy simultaneously. All runners and guests of the event will be given a Maxibear, Maxicare’s official stuffed plushie, which they will hug simultaneously.

    Runners have the option to keep the Maxibear as a souvenir, or to donate it to kids of Kythe Foundation, Inc., the beneficiary of the event, as an early Christmas gift. Kythe Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, non-stock organization aimed towards improving the quality of life among hospitalized children with cancer and other chronic illness.

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