PPO Instrument Petting Zoo  features Manalastas

    Hernan Manalastas
    THE PPO Instrument Petting Zoo continues with its live online program with featured clarinet player Hernan Manalastas on Sunday, August 2, 2020 at 4pm via the PPO Facebook page.
    For his instrument petting zoo session, Hernan will talk about the clarinet and demonstrate how it is played.  He will also perform classical pieces suited for the clarinet.
    A graduate from the University of the Philippines’ College of Music, Hernan Manalastas worked as a principal clarinet player of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra to perform in Asia Orchestra Week in Tokyo Opera City, Tokyo Japan.  Currently, he is a member of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, and a faculty member of the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth of Ang Misyon, Inc.  Hernan is also an endorsing artist of Legere Reeds, Canada, which produces premium synthetic reeds for woodwind musical instruments, and a new endorsing artist of Uebel Clarinets U.S Distributor Vienna Music Corporation, which brings the best quality products to clarinet players.
    A project of the Cultural Center of the Philippinees and the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, the instrument petting zoo aims to promote appreciation for musical instruments of the orchestra and its music among children and families.  It is held every Sunday at 4pm, and runs for several months.


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