Plastics for change at The Body Shop


    Our planet is drowning in plastic. The devastating effect of plastic waste on our oceans is well known. However, there is a human element to the plastic crisis, which is rarely discussed. Over three billion people live without formal waste management – that’s almost half the planet’s population. This has given rise to an informal waste picking economy.

    That’s why, The Body Shop recently launched its first Community Trade recycled plastic, in partnership with Plastics for Change. The Body Shop wants to use plastic recycling to help transform lives.

    The Body Shop has launched its first Community Trade recycled plastic on World Fair Trade Day in Benglaru, India. The Body Shop and Plastics for Change will work alongside with India’s local organizations such as Hasiru Dala and Hasiru Dala Innovations who are dedicated in fighting for the rights and creating employment opportunities for the waste pickers, who will receive a fair price for their work, a predictable income, and access to better working conditions.

    They will also get help in accessing services such as education, financial loans, and healthcare services, and the respect and recognition they deserve.

    “As a company, we’ve always had the conviction to stand up for our principles when it comes to helping empower people, especially women, while protecting our planet, says Lee Mann, Global Community Trade Manager for The Body Shop. “Our new Community Trade partnership will not only help support waste pickers but also champion plastic as a valuable, renewable resource when used responsibly. We want to use plastic recycling to help transform lives.”

    The launch of Community Trade recycled plastic initiative is just one of the many advocacies of The Body Shop to protect the planet and the people.