Planting herbs indoor


    By Kevin Bryan Caraig

    GROWING indoor plants is a relaxing hobby will helps reduce stress and anxiety, as well as purify the air. And for lovers of herbal plants, we’ve got good news for you: these versatile greens can easily be grown indoors too!

    Herbal plants like mint, basil and rosemary are popularly used as food flavoring and garnishing. They are likewise used for medicinal purposes and for making fragrances.

    These culinary garnish favourites, which can be easily grown in kitchen windows or condominium terraces, are also used as mosquito repellent.

    Planting indoor herbs is now easy as 1-2-3 as BM-JOV Garden Center offers tips on how to take good care of herbal plants to ensure they bloom healthily.

    BM-JOV Garden Center owner Belen Cañete says: “Nothing is hard if you apply passion to it.”

    Helen says primary consideration in growing indoor blooms is where to plant the greens: not under a shade, but not too exposed to the sun as well. The herbal garden should be placed in an area where there is sufficient sunlight to nurture the plant’s chlorophyll and make the photosynthesis process smooth-flowing.

    Plant growers should likewise make substantive research on how much water herbal plants require that make them grow beautifully. There are greens which need to be watered on a daily basis, and there are those that can survive even if they are watered only once or twice a week.

    Pest control is also another priority that plant lover should now. There are various pesticides in the local market that can be bought, but which of these are harmful to herbal plants and which are the best ones? These are questions that herbal plant owners should also know.

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