Pili Ani debuts at Home Shopping Network USA

    Pili Ani on HSN

    WITH roots deeply ingrained in local organic farming, Philippine pioneer for sustainable beauty Pili Ani is a step closer towards its founders’ vision of taking on the global stage.

    The pandemic was an unlikely time to plan for expansion. While most businesses across industries were finding ways to scale down and stay afloat, the team at Pili Ani took on a courageous approach to surviving the crisis. Pili Ani co-founder and visionary Mary Jane Ong recalls, “2020 was a year for re-thinking, re-branding, recruiting and building a team that shared the same goals, work ethics and beliefs.”

    The team went back to its roots, affirming the vision that started it all. “Pili Ani was built so we could help our farmers and communities in the Bicol region. These are the people who are responsible for the planting, harvesting and creation of two very special oils sustainably sourced from the Pili tree: Pili and Elemi Oils.” They also looked inwards with the aim of defining identity and determining the message they hope to convey.

    “We want to highlight a Philippine-made artisanal holistic brand that combines both traditional and sustainable techniques of our farmers. We also wanted to be consistent with our founder’s dream of making a mark on the global beauty market for our unique Philippine-made ingredients.”

    As with any success story, finding right partners and collaborators was of the essence. An online announcement from Home Shopping Network USA’s (HSN) The Big Find caught Mary Jane’s attention and sparked a new idea. “The Big Find is the best thing to happen to us this whole pandemic. It is likened to Shark Tank but instead of pitching to investors or mentors, you are talking directly to consumers of Home Shopping Network and QVC.”

    The team admits that anticipation and excitement is high. Success on HSN will mean more opportunities for the farmers and artisans working behind the Pili Ani products. It will also mean representation for the Philippines on the global stage.