Pi Day with Yellow Cab

    YC Garden Special -- YC New York Classic
    YC Garden Special -- YC New York Classic

    March 14 is no ordinary day. Around the world, “brainiacs” also call it Pi Day – an annual celebration of the famous mathematical constant (3.14).Believe it or not, special events are hosted to honor the irrational number; and whether you’re into that sort of thing or just craving for an actual pie, your favorite New Yorkstyle pizza is here to make it even better.

    For one day only, math geeks, science junkies, and pizza lovers alike can commemorate Pi Day with Yellow Cab’s latest offer. Celebrate your interest in numbers and generously feed your passion for mathematics, or even just your hunger.

    On March 14, buy one 12” Medium pizza from any Yellow Cab store nationwide and get half off your second pizza of the same size and flavor! Choose from a wide selection of Classic and Signature flavors, such as: the local favorite Hawaiian; iconic New York Classic; protein-packed Manhattan Meatlovers; fresh Garden Special; light Roasted Garlic and Shrimp; sweet and tangy BBQ Chicken; and flavorful #4 Cheese. You may also take your pick from its bold legendary flavors: bestselling New York’s Finest, and jam-packed Four Seasons in Original or All Meat–and double your fulfillment with edge-to-edge toppings that make every bite so worth it.

    It’s irrational to miss this one-day celebration so you do you with this deal that is just as special as pi. Gather your squad and have a Pi Day with infinite possibilities headlined by your favorite New York-style pizzas at Yellow Cab!