Pet grooming tips for fur parents


    One of the ways fur parents prioritize their pets’ welfare is by ensuring they are always well-groomed.

    Although certain limitations are barring people from visiting pet grooming salons, there are ways in which they can keep their pets looking sharp and smelling great, even just by themselves, at home.

    It is important to understand the level of grooming pets needed to help them feel better.

    According to TopBreed ambassador Dr. Nielsen Donato, there are long-haired breeds that need more frequent grooming. There are also dogs with long ears that need more frequent ear cleaning compared to those with erect ears.

    The Philippines has a scorching heat as it is a tropical country. This can lead to dogs’ glands secreting too much oil, causing them to feel icky and uncomfortable.

    To check up on this, one can stroke their dog’s fur and see if there is dust clinging onto it.

    If such is the case, bathing them once a week with warm water can do the trick. If your dog is of a bigger breed and is prone to heatstroke, bathe them with cooler water instead
    For Donato, the ideal time to bathe the dogs is around 9 to 10 a.m. and should last for about 15 to 20 minutes.

    Start from the shoulders, and then slowly move onto the back. For the head, it is good to use a wet towel or a sponge. Dogs with erect ears may feel irritated when water gets inside their ears.

    When fur parents start doing the grooming by their own, pets may somehow find it unusual. But similar to any methods of pet training, owners can practice positive reinforcement on their furry friends before their regular grooming session.

    There are many ways to keep dog’s furs shiny and healthy by making them stress-free, maintaining their good hygiene, giving them fish oil for essential fatty acids, and using a shampoo suitable for them such as the TopBreed’s ShamPooch.

    With a mild citrus lavender scent that pets will surely love, the shampoo is made from organic ingredients friendly for dogs: madre de cacao and neem extracts that have antibacterial and antiparasitic properties; organic glycerin that helps moisturize and nourish their skin; and organic keratin that revives and protects the smoothness of the dog coat.