Perfect meal, snacks partner


    While this summer might be less about travelling and more about staying at home or close by, there’s no reason to miss out on having a taste of buko pandan.

    Tang introduces a new flavor that’s shaking up the beverage market in the Philippines: Tang coco plus buko pandan, made with Magnesium and Iron.

    The brand always looks for ways to delight and add excitement to meal and snack times with the family, and seeks to provide moms with a new flavor that is delicious and a great meal partner.

    “The future is uncertain which is why parents play an important role in ensuring that their kids are prepared, no matter what will happen. Tang believes that by giving kids a drink they love plus the benefits that moms approve, we can prepare kids for the future,” said Carlo Isla, beverage category manager of Tang.

    “The newest flavor is the first and only one of its kind in the Philippines, a powdered beverage with buko pandan flavor plus Magnesium and Iron.